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Choose the correct answer.

1. _________ your name?

b) What's
c) How's
d) Why's
2. _________ old are you?

b) What
c) How
d) When
3. Choose the right variant:

b) I’ve 20 years old
c) I are 20 years old.
d) I have 20 years old.
4. _________ a car?

b) Has you
c) Do you have
d) You’ve got
5. John _________ a pet.

b) haven’t
c) not has
d) haven’t got
6. Read it to _________.

b) I
c) she
d) her
7. Choose the right variant:

b) He can’t speak Chinese.
c) He can’t to speak Chinese.
d) He no speak Chinese.
8. _________ on the left in France.

b) You not must drive.
c) You mustn’t driving.
d) You mustn’t drive.
9. Whose jacket is this?

b) It’s Kevin.
c) It’s Kevin’s
d) It’s to Kevin.
10. Choose the right variant:

b) She not smoke.
c) She doesn’t smokes.
d) She doesn’t smoke.
11. Choose the right variant:

b) How does you spell this word?
c) How do you spell this word?
d) How is spell this word?
12. Choose the right variant:

b) Not run.
c) Do talk
d) Am talk
13. Listen! I _________ to you.

b) talk
c) do talk
d) am talk
14. Choose the right variant:

b) What he doing?
c) What is he doing?
d) What is he do?
15. _________ children over there are Spanish.

b) That
c) These
d) Those
16. How many desks are there?

b) There is five.
c) It is five.
d) They are five.
17. I haven’t got _________ coffee.

b) none
c) some
d) any
18. There are _________ people here already.

b) a little
c) a lot
d) much
19. Were there many kids at the party?

b) Yes, there were.
c) Yes, there was.
d) Yes, they was.
20. Mike _________ out last night.

b) didn’t goes
c) didn’t go
d) no went
21. I went to Australia _________ English.

b) for to learn
c) to learn
d) to learning
22. He’s _________ than I am.

b) more old
c) more older
d) most older
23. He’s _________ at rugby than football.

b) more better
c) better
d) best
24. You’re not _________ I am.

b) As tall as
c) As taller as
d) Tall as
25. I _________ pizza this evening.

b) Go to cook
c) Cook
d) Cooking
26. Choose the right variant:

b) What time the bus is going to leave?
c) What time is going to leave the bus?
d) What time going to leave is the bus?
27. I like _________ early.

b) Get ping
c) To get up
d) To getting up
28. Choose the right variant:

b) Do you come with me tomorrow?
c) Come you with me tomorrow?
d) Will you come with me tomorrow?
29. Oh no!_________ my passport.

b) I’m lost
c) I’ve lose
d) I’ve lost
30. _________ English since I was 10.

b) I’ve studied
c) I learn
d) I’ve studying
31. I spoke to a boy _________ was from Japan.

b) Which
c) Who
d) Whose
32. I was in England _________ five weeks.

b) For
c) In
d) On
33. When I looked out of the window, _________.

b) It were raining
c) It rained
d) It’s raining
34. They left without _________ goodbye.

b) Saying
c) Say
d) Said
35. I don’t mind _________.

b) I wait
c) To wait
d) That I wait
36. He speaks Spanish _________.

b) Well but slow
c) Good but slowly
d) Well but slowly
37. If you _________ the door, you’ll see a present.

b) Would open
c) Open
d) Will open
38. I like this music.

b) So am I
c) So I like
d) So I do
39. You _________ be famous to become successful.

b) Mustn’t
c) Don’t have
d) Not have to
40. English _________ all over the world.

b) Is speaking
c) Is spoke
d) Is spoken
41. My mobile _________.

b) Has stolen
c) Has been stole
d) Has been stolen
42. If you _________ it, it would break.

b) Will drop
c) Had dropped
d) Dropped
43. _________ this letter for me.

b) I want you to mail
c) I want you mail
d) I want you mailing
44. I didn’t listen to _________.

b) Something
c) Nobody
d) Somebody
45. The grass _________.

b) Need cuting
c) Needs to cut
d) Need to cutting
46. Do you happen to know what _________?

b) They require me to do
c) I require to do
d) Required me to do
47. If the weather was good then, I _________ out.

b) Can go
c) Should
d) Would have gone
48. I knew I _________ awful by the end of the flight.

b) Would be feeling
c) Would felt
d) Felt
49. If only _________ time to do a bit more shopping.

b) I had
c) I should have
d) I would have
50. It really is high time _________.

b) We were going
c) Had gone
d) We should go